The Choice – Erotic fiction.

Ginger and copper tones shone and glistened in the light as the eager girl knelt waiting. Her head was lifted and proud, her back straight, palms placed carefully on her thighs and knees slightly apart showing her wanton need. She did not know how long she had been waiting and nor did it matter. She would wait all night if she had to.

‘You will go to the bedroom, undress and place your clothes neatly on the floor by the door. You will kneel with your knees slightly open, back straight and head proud looking at the bed. You will wait for me.’

Those were the instructions given to her and she hadn’t hesitated to complete them.

Her heart rate increased with every passing minute, moisture pooling at the entrance to her cunt. The unknown both terrifying and exciting causing an arousal in her that made her feel like she would explode. The silence of the room jarred by the noise of her beating heart, drumming out of her full chest. Pounding like the hooves of a thousand horses.

She heard the door handle creak and she fought against the natural urge to look. Her instruction was to look at the bed and that is where her eyes would stay. Her rounded chest rising and falling, her breathing quickened as the door opened. She immediately felt the atmosphere in the room turn electric, her nipples hardened a little and her pussy clenched. He walked in and approached the bed, not acknowledging her presence. She didn’t need to be acknowledged, his silence, proof to her she had done well so far. She grew a little taller with pride.

The rustle of a carrier bag caught her ears, but she couldn’t make out what was inside. She had noticed upon entering the room there was no equipment to be seen; she had had no idea of what was to come. Her insides burned with the need to kneel up slightly to take a peak at what he was doing but she fought against that need. She would do exactly what he had asked and wait.

He walked around the edge of the bed and stood before her, her eyes remained glued, fixed onto their target.

‘’Look at me.’’ He commanded.

Her head lifted, and she looked straight into his eyes, her love for him pouring out of her and his love for her doing the same, meeting in the middle of the space between them and causing the room to heat up a few degrees with the electricity of the passion shared. In that moment, the connection between Master and submissive grew phenomenally.

He spoke with an authoritative, loving tone, ‘’I am going to blindfold you, put you on the bed and into position, once in that position you will not move. Is that clear?’’

‘’Yes Master.’’ she replied confidently.

He walked back to the bad and picked up the blindfold: red – her favourite colour. As he approached her for a second time she took a much-needed deep breath. He crouched in front of her and looked deep into her eyes and smiled.

‘’I love you.’’ He kissed her softly on the lips.

Returning to standing, he moved round behind her. Placing the blindfold over her eyes and tying it securely in place. She was now vulnerable to be used and she liked it. Her other senses heightened, and she felt goose bumps appear on her soft pale skin.

He traced his fingers down her naked back, across her hips and down her thigh. Taking hold of her hand and guiding her to stand with a gentle tug. She stood carefully, using his strength to help her. Her legs burned due to the length of time she had been kneeling. Carefully and safely, she was lead to the bed, helped to climb on and lie down on her back. His attention focused solely on her safety. There was no need to rush her and she didn’t feel rushed.

He straightened her legs and opened them completely. She was fully exposed, her muscles clenched, her pussy begging, aching to be touched. She felt his hands trail up her legs, up her inner thigh and then disappear. A groan escaped her soft lips. That same hand reconnected with her on her hip and continued to travel up. Skimming over the outside of her breast. Her nipples hardened, her plump chest rising and falling with excited breaths. He travelled down her left arm and took hold of her wrist, moving her like a puppet into position: her hand behind her head. He did the same with the other arm. The position not uncomfortable, but the thought of having to hold it for whatever he may use her for, played on her mind. Would she be able to do it? Was she going to fail? She pushed those thoughts away. He wouldn’t let her fail.

A hand snaked down her exposed naked form and placed itself on her throbbing pussy. It squeezed her sex hard,

‘’Mine.’’ her Master stated.  His finger slipped into her juicy folds – she gasped.

‘’Oh my, you are dripping wet for your Master, aren’t you?’’

She groaned softly in response.

‘’I bet you are just aching to cum for your Master, aren’t you?’’

She groaned in response.

The hand disappeared ‘’What was that?’’ He asked sternly.

‘Yes Master, your slut is aching to cum for you.’’ His hand returned, and she moaned softly.

‘’Good girl.’’ His fingers moved slowly and tenderly up and down her slit, coating her pussy in sweet nectar. A finger began to circle her clit and her hips bucked. ‘’Still!’’ He commanded. Her muscles tensed trying to stop her self from losing control.

His finger moved faster on her clit, her moans grew louder and louder as her impending orgasm built and built. She was so close to cumming, when his hand disappeared. Causing her to grumble in disappointment.

‘’Oh, did you think I was going to let you come that easily.’’ He said. She felt the bed shift as he moved closer to her face. ‘’Well you’re not, you’re going to work for it and when I give it to you, it will be the best orgasm you have ever had.’’ He whispered.

The bed shifted again, and he was gone. She heard some rustling and then quiet. She had never been so aroused and afraid at the same time. Never wanted to run but stay. Her safe word on the tip of her tongue. But, curiosity got the better of her. She had to find out what would happen next.

She felt him return to her. A soft blow of cool air hit her nipples and she felt them harden painfully and then a biting pinch in both at the same time. Her moans filled the room and she tensed, her muscles hard trying to remain statuesque. She couldn’t figure out what he had put on her nipples, but she loved it. The pain radiating through her breasts and down past her stomach to her pussy. Causing a pool of juices to form at her entrance.

He began to circle her clit again with his finger and her orgasm built once more. Her fingers gripped her hair as she focused on not falling over the edge before he wanted her to. As soon as she got control of herself, he stopped. Reminding her he was in control.

She felt another pinch on her left breast and then her right. Left and then right, left, right, left, right. Those pinches carried on in the same rhythm down her body. But it wasn’t him pinching her, the pain stayed after the initial pinch. What was happening? Her breathing became erratic with fear.

Then the pinching stopped, but the pain carried on. She began to gasp a slight panic crept up her body. The unknown causing mild anxiety.

‘’Shh, calm. Breathe.’’ She listened to his instruction and took deep breaths. The pinching began again down her inner thighs. She winced at the pain but breathed steadily and enjoyed it. Eventually, it came to a stop. All she could feel was burning sensation of pain from her nipples down the sides of her stomach and along her thighs, her pussy clenching over and over. Her body desperate for release.

His finger returned to her clit once more and built her back up to orgasm. Her moans and groans filling the room, begging to be allowed to cum. But again, she was denied. The bed shifted once more, and he was no longer beside her.

‘’Do you know what I have done baby?’’ He asked, amused.

‘’No Master.’’ She replied in frustration. The blindfold causing her brain to have to work harder on the sounds and feelings.

‘’All those pinches you feel are clothes pegs. 30 of them to be exact. They are all attached to a piece of string. Now, you have a choice. I can remove those pegs one by one slowly, taking my time, soothing each one or I can use the string to rip them all off in one fast motion. It’s your choice. However, be aware if you choose option one you won’t get to cum, if you choose option two I will use the wand on you till you do cum and when that orgasm consumes you I will rip those pegs off.’’

Her heart rate quickened, she would have to make a choice. The one thing she wasn’t ever good at. It was a test. She was burning with the need to cum, but if she chose that she new the pain would be intense. What would she choose? Would she be brave? She took a deep breath….

Author: littlesubmissive

Submissive with little tendencies. On a journey to find the right person.

4 thoughts on “The Choice – Erotic fiction.”

  1. I came back to see if you had posted anything new and gave this a quick reread while I was at it. I love the suspense and detail you put into the story, I have read many a literotica story over the years on Utopiastories and, and I have to say this is a lot more satisfying to read than 90% of those.
    If I may make a minor constructive suggestion there is a line that has “rush” and “rushed” in the same sentence. That one blip somewhat detracts from the flow, but overall for a first piece it is fantastic work. You should be proud.
    The question is though, LS, which outcome would YOU choose? 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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