Trying to do a u turn. 

So as we speak, I’m lying in His bed trying to decide the best way to end it. It just isn’t working. What I thought could work and be nurtured has fizzled out. 

He has said some things that have upset me, and his actions have been non desirable. I have tried to give him constructive feedback and good research tools but I may as well save my breath, as he isn’t listening or learning. 

So, I’m pretty low right now. Going to try and pick myself up as soon as I can.

ls xxx


Author: littlesubmissive

Submissive with little tendencies. On a journey to find the right person.

11 thoughts on “Trying to do a u turn. ”

  1. I am also upset that it didn’t work out but he gives it no effort. Break a rule and still he resists giving you discipline so why make rules then? Sorry it didn’t work out little one but I will be here for you regardless.

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